A cautionary tale of a young monkey whose curiosity got him in deep trouble.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 47:7) [Artwork by Sumi Kim]

Various ways of taking the common metaphor of crossing the stream or cutting the stream.

Culagopalaka Sutta (M 34) [scanning error: this text is on the second page of the pdf]

Some passages addressing the issue of what makes a good dhamma teacher.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 5:154-159)

A new translation from the Prakrit of some of the rock inscriptions of the great Buddhist king, Ashoka.

A description and investigation of the vipallasas, distortions of perception, thought and view.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 4:49)

An exploration of the theme of using violence in the context of helping others.

Abhayarajakumara Sutta (M 58); Devadaha Sutta (M 101)

The tragic story of Kisa Gotami, who lost her child and is healed by the Buddha.

Therigatha Commentary [artwork by Kathryn Fanelli]

These are a collection of short pieces, usually organized around a particular sutta passage, that include a translation, explanation, and brief commentary.

Sutta Studies

When six creatures are tied together, they struggle for supremacy--like the senses and the mind.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 4:198)

A story that might help explain the meaning of the epitaph 'Tathagata' applied often to the Buddha.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 6:54)

Andrew Olendzki

Buddhist Scholar, Teacher and Writer

An story with an environmentalist edge, about a tree damaged by a thoughtless man.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 6:54)

A text discussing the use of effort in mediation practice--not too much, not too little.

Devadaha Sutta (M 101) 

Further discussion about directing the mind in meditation versus letting it be.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 47:10)