When six creatures are tied together, they struggle for supremacy--like the senses and the mind.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 4:198)

Further discussion about directing the mind in meditation versus letting it be.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 47:10)

A story that might help explain the meaning of the epitaph 'Tathagata' applied often to the Buddha.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 6:54)

An story with an environmentalist edge, about a tree damaged by a thoughtless man.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 6:54)

Various ways of taking the common metaphor of crossing the stream or cutting the stream.

Culagopalaka Sutta (M 34) [scanning error: this text is on the second page of the pdf]

A description and investigation of the vipallasas, distortions of perception, thought and view.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 4:49)

The tragic story of Kisa Gotami, who lost her child and is healed by the Buddha.

Therigatha Commentary [artwork by Kathryn Fanelli]

These are a collection of short pieces, usually organized around a particular sutta passage, that include a translation, explanation, and brief commentary.

Sutta Studies

Andrew Olendzki

Buddhist Scholar, Teacher and Writer

A text discussing the use of effort in mediation practice--not too much, not too little.

Devadaha Sutta (M 101) 

A cautionary tale of a young monkey whose curiosity got him in deep trouble.

Samyutta Nikaya (S 47:7) [Artwork by Sumi Kim]

Some passages addressing the issue of what makes a good dhamma teacher.

Anguttara Nikaya (A 5:154-159)

A new translation from the Prakrit of some of the rock inscriptions of the great Buddhist king, Ashoka.

An exploration of the theme of using violence in the context of helping others.

Abhayarajakumara Sutta (M 58); Devadaha Sutta (M 101)